Shipping Methods

International Shipping Method
All prices and time mentioned below is based on China to the USA,contact us for specific price for your country.

1 E-Packet(EUB)/Postal Parcel

Delivery Time-Long

Usually used for small package(weight below 2KG(4.4lbs) with cheap items and customers who are not hurry for the delivery

  • Price(CNY):15+50/500 gram     [1KG(2.2Lbs)=115, 1.5KG(3.3Lbs)=165, 2KG(4.4Lbs)=215]

  • Time:10-20 Working Days (Monday to Friday)

  • Tracking:Available

2 Expresses:DHL,FedEx,UPS

Delivery Time-Short

Used for most of our orders,resonable price and fast delivery,usually for package under 10KG(22Lbs)

Price is only for DHL as default express,we will choose FedEx or UPS only when DHL is not available and price might be different.

  • Price(CNY):¥150 for the first KG(2.2Lbs),¥60 for every KG after


  • Time:5-10 Working Days (Monday to Friday)

  • Tracking:Available

3 Other shipping for Large Package

For large quantity order or heavy package,please contact us for shipping  details.